Porcelain Veneers Near You

If you’re looking to enhance your smile, there are a few ways you can go about doing so, and one especially great option is receiving dental, otherwise known as porcelain veneers near you. This treatment helps improve your smile’s appearance and, as a result, your self-confidence.

Contact our local dental clinic today for more information about receiving porcelain veneers! Your staff is here to address any questions and concerns that you may have.

porcelain veneers in sylvan lake

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Dental veneers are very thin shells customized to cover your teeth’ external surface. Not only does it help improve the appearance of your teeth, but it also helps boost your oral hygiene. Typically, porcelain or composite resin is used to make dental veneers because these two materials easily blend in with the natural shade of your smile; only you and your dentist will know you have them. More specifically, porcelain is durable and resistant to stains left behind by food, drink, and cigarettes.

Veneers can be applied to one, multiple, or all your teeth. To learn more about porcelain veneers in Sylvan Lake, it’s a good idea to book a consultation with your dentist. They’ll be able to identify which type of veneer is best for your unique case.

Benefits of Receiving Porcelain Veneers Near You

Porcelain veneers can benefit you in multiple different ways by repairing teeth that are:

  • Discoloured. This can occur due to an oral infection, excessive fluoride, and certain medications.
  • Worn down.
  • Chipped or cracked.
  • Unevenly spaced.
  • Irregularly shaped.

You’ll need to come in for at least two appointments to receive porcelain veneers in Sylvan Lake. First, your dentist will examine your mouth. They may also take some x-rays to piece together a comprehensive picture of your oral health. Next, they’ll proceed to etch off some of your enamel; this helps the veneers stick to your tooth better. Impressions will be made of your tooth and sent to the dental lab. Your dentist will provide you with temporary veneers while you wait.

It takes about two to four weeks for your porcelain veneers to be created. Once they are, you’ll return to have them applied. And voila! A beautifully restored smile made just for you. Are you looking to receive convenient treatment for porcelain veneers near you? Call or visit us at Sylvan Lake Dental Centre today! We look forward to walking with you on your dental journey!