Root Canal Therapy Near You

If your dentist recommends that you receive root canal therapy, there’s no need to worry. Although this process is often regarded as scary, it is a commonly performed procedure by many people have had. And your dentist will make every effort to ensure you’re kept as comfortable as possible while they work.

A fleshy sack called the pulp is located in the center of all your teeth. This is where connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels all meet. When the pulp becomes damaged, you can experience immense pain and sensitivity. A mature tooth can survive without its pulp because your neighbouring teeth will supply the necessary nutrients. This is where root canal therapy comes into play: this procedure involves removing your infected pulp and sealing the site.

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root canal therapy in sylvan lake

Reasons to Receive a Root Canal

You may need to receive root canal therapy in Sylvan Lake for several reasons. The most common signs to keep an eye out for are the following:

  • Extreme and prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold food and drink.
  • Your tooth has started to darken.
  • Small bumps have appeared around your tooth.
  • You’re experiencing acute pain.
  • Inflamed, tender, or swollen gums.

If you’re unsure whether you require root canal therapy near you, don’t hesitate to contact your dentist. They’ll be able to identify if you’re an ideal candidate for this procedure or if another course of treatment would be more prudent.

The Process of Receiving Root Canal Therapy

Receiving root canal therapy in Sylvan Lake requires at least two different visits. The first step is having an oral examination done. Your dentist will most likely take some x-rays too to develop a comprehensive image of the health of your teeth and gums. Local anesthesia will be given to you to keep you relaxed. They’ll drill a hole into your tooth to reach and then remove the pulp. Lastly, your tooth will be thoroughly cleaned and then sealed.

You’ll have to return later to receive a permanent dental crown. This is designed to further protect and support your tooth. Are you seeking convenient root canal therapy near you? At Sylvan Lake Dental Centre, we’re here to help you get your oral health back on track. Call or visit our website to book an appointment today. We look forward to working with you!