Sedation Dentistry Near You

Sedation is an important part of dentistry. Why? Because many people experience anxiety and even fear when it comes to receiving treatment for their teeth and gums. You deserve to be comfortable and calm while your dentist helps remedy your oral health.

Get in touch with our local dental practice for more information about sedation dentistry in Sylvan Lake.

sedation dentistry in sylvan lake

Reasons to Receive Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry, as its name indicates, is a process designed to help you relax while you’re at the dentist. Depending on the level of sedation, you may remain lucid but won’t feel any pain or dizziness or be put fully under.

While this type of treatment is often used to address feelings of anxiousness, it can be administered for other reasons too. This includes:

  • You have an overactive gag reflex.
  • You have a fear of needles.
  • The patient has special needs.
  • Severe tooth sensitivity.
  • You feel claustrophobic in the dental chair.

Don’t be afraid to let your dentist know if you have questions or concerns about receiving sedation dentistry near you. They’ll be able to answer all your questions.

Sedation Options at Sylvan Lake Dental Centre

The following are the main types of sedation dentistry that our dental clinic in Sylvan Lake offers:

1. Nitrous oxide sedation.

The colloquial term for this form of sedation is “laughing gas.” You’ll inhale this gas through a mask and start to feel its effects within five minutes or so. Nitrous oxide can be flushed from your body quickly, so you’ll be able to return to your normal routine after your treatment is completed.

2. IV sedation.

IV stands for intravenous. Aside from general anesthesia, this is one of the deepest forms of sedation used by dentists. The sedation medicine is administered to you through your bloodstream. Your dentist will constantly monitor your heart rate and oxygen levels throughout the procedure and make any adjustments to your dose if needed.

This is a great option if your treatment is extensive and long.

3. Oral sedation.

When you opt to receive this type of sedation, you’ll be given a small pill about an hour before your appointment. By the time it’s time for your appointment, you’ll be feeling extremely calm. Although it doesn’t put you fully asleep, you’ll be very drowsy. Just as it takes time for the medication to kick in, it also takes a while to wear off.